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Being injured while at work can result in lost wages, high medical bills, and physical difficulties. Missouri requires most employers to carry workers compensation insurance in order to cover these expenses. A workers comp attorney can help to make sure you get the compensation you’re owed. The Inskip Law Firm is ready to assist residents of St. Louis, MO and throughout Missouri with their cases. Mr. Inskip is an experienced workers comp lawyer who fights aggressively for his clients’ rights. Call today to speak to a workers compensation attorney you can trust.

Mr. Inskip Has Over 15 Years of Experience with Workers Comp Cases

As your lawyer, Mr. Inskip can assist you in filing your workers compensation claim, provide you with legal advice and guidance, and can help you pursue legal action should your employer (or their insurer) refuse to give you the compensation you deserve. He is an experienced professional who cares deeply about his clients, and works tirelessly in order to provide the best possible outcome.

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