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A will is one of the most common estate planning documents. It dictates how you’d like your estate to be handled after your passing. Many individuals opt to work with a will lawyer in order to ensure the document is created correctly. Mr. Inskip is an experienced estate planning attorney who can assist in creating a valid legal will that will hold up in court and help you provide for your loved ones after you’re gone. He has been serving the St. Louis, MO area for over 15 years, and dedicates himself to providing you with reliable service.

The Inskip Law Firm Can Assist with Your Will

Mr. Inskip is an experienced lawyer who has helped many individuals with their wills over the years. When you work with him, he will assess your unique situation and needs before drafting a personalized will. He can also help you decide on who to name the executor of your will, which will be the person responsible for settling your estate via the probate process after you die.

A will is used for determining:

  • How your assets will be distributed to beneficiaries
  • Who will be responsible for settling your estate
  • Who will become your child’s legal guardian if you die before they reach adulthood

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