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You need to make sure your estate plan is in place so that you can pass on your assets to the right people and protect your family’s future. An estate planning attorney from The Inskip Law Firm can help you with this complex process. They know how to draft wills and trusts that fit your unique situation, so they can help you plan for what happens after death or incapacity. They will also help ensure that your wishes are respected, even if something unexpected happens. Schedule your appointment in Marlborough, MO, today.

Handling Your Request With Utmost Care

Estate planning is a vital component of your financial strategy. It’s not something to put off or something you can do yourself—it’s an important step that will help you plan for your future and protect your loved ones. Mr. Inkship can assist you with:


  • Estate Planning: Decide how your assets will be distributed after passing away with the help of an attorney. 
  • Estate Administration: Receive qualified assistance during the probate process, paying taxes, distributing assets in the estate, and more.
  • Probate: Partner with a probate lawyer to distribute your assets to prevent problems in the future. 
  • Wills: Distribute your assets and craft a strong document that can hold up in court. 
  • Trusts: Set conditions for your heirs to receive their inheritance by working with a qualified lawyer.
  • Workers’ Compensation: Get the support you need after a work-related injury by working with a workers comp lawyer.

Start Your Planning Process

The Inskip Law Firm can help you set up a trust and will, which allows your loved ones to access your money and possessions after your death. They can also help with other aspects of estate planning, such as estate administration and workers’ compensation. Call now if you’re in or around Marlborough, MO.


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